Popadoms (4)
Assorted Pickles Tray
Masala Popadoms

StartersServed with a salad and mint sauce.

Onion bhaji
Garlic Mushroom
Brinjal Bhaji Puri
Vegetable Platter
Paneer Pakorah
Garlic Chilli Paneer
Meat or Veg Samosas (2)
Chicken Tikka
Chicken Pakora
Chicken Wings
Tandoori Chicken (1/4)
Lamb Tikka
Lamb Tikka Chat
Sheekh Kebab
Lamb Chops (2)
Mixed Starter
Prawn Cocktail
Prawn Puri
King Prawn Shuka
Tandoori Fish
Mushroom Khumbi

Balti DishesSpecial dishes cooked with fresh coriander, green pepper and fenugreek seeds – believed to originate from Baltistan (northern Pakistan).

Mixed Vegetable Balti
Chicken Balti
Lamb Balti
Sag Chicken Balti
Sag Lamb Balti
Lamb Bengan Balti (aubergine)
Chicken & Mushroom Balti
Lamb & Mushroom Balti
Prawn Balti
King Prawn Balti
Garlic Chicken Balti

Tandoori DishesTandoori dishes are cooked in their own juices and are often a very healthy option.

Tandoori Chicken
Tender chicken marinated and cooked with mild spices with yoghurt.(half) £6.95, (full) £11.95
Chicken Tikka
Tender pieces of chicken served off the bone, cooked with mild spices.£6.95
Succulent pieces of mildly spices chicken, onions, capsicum and tomatoes.£7.95
Lamb Tikka
Tender pieces of mildly spiced lamb.£7.50
Tender pieces of marinated lamb, capsicum, tomatoes & onions.£8.50
Sheekh Kebab
Minced lamb or mutton mixed with herbs and spices.£7.50
Tandoori Mixed Grill
A feast of chicken, king prawn, chicken, lamb tikka & sheekh kebab,£12.95
Tandoori King Prawn
Marinated succulent king prawns.£12.95
Tandoori Fish
Seasonal fish marinated with special herbs and spices.£8.50
Lamb Chops
Lamb marinated in herbs, spices and served with a curry sauce.£7.95
Paneer Shashlick
Mild paneer (like mozzarella) with onions, capsicum and tomatoes.£7.50

Chef’s SpecialitiesThese dishes are specially prepared by our chef for people who enjoy good food. Meat herbs and spices are cooked harmoniously to give natural taste of meat with a rich flavour of spices.

Chicken Tikka Masala
Barbecured Chicken Tikka, cooked in a mild spiced sauce of cream and almonds.£7.50
Butter Chicken
Marinated pieces of tandoori grilled whole chicken, cooked off the bone in a mildly spiced butter-based sauce.£7.95
Chicken Tikka Bhuna
Marinated pieces of boneless tandoori chicken cooked and served in an aromatic sauce.£7.50
Chicken/Lamb Badam Pasanda
A mild dish of tandoori chicken or lamb pieces, served in a sauce with cream, spices, hebs and almonds.£7.95
Bhuna Murgh
Tandoori Chicken marinated then cooked off the bone with herbs and spices.£7.95
Kharai Chicken
Chicken pieces cooked with spices and served in a traditional metal Kharai.£7.50
Kharai Lamb
Lamb pieces cooked with spices and served in a traditional metal Kharai.£7.95
Kharai Methi Lamb
Lamb pieces and fresh fenugreek leaves, cooked with spices.£8.50
Everest Mixed Grill Delight
Tandoori Mixed Grill and salad garnished with a thick spicy sauce.£12.95
Lamb Achari (hot)
Lamb cooked with traditional spicy sauce with added special mixed pickle – resulting in a piquant flavour.£7.95
Everest Special
Grilled pieces of chicken, cooked with minced lamb in mild flavoured spices, garnished with boiled eggs.£8.95
Chicken Adrakhi
Marinated pieces of tandoori chicken in a ginger based aromatic gravy.£8.50
Murgh Losmari (hot)
Garlic chilli tandoori chicken cooked off the bone in a hot and spicy sauce of garlic and chillies.£8.50
Kharai Mughlai Pahadi (hot)
Chicken, lamb and prawns with fresh chillies, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, capsicum, onions, cooked with hot herbs and spices.£8.50
Chicken Jalfrezi (hot)
Marinated pieces of boneless tandoori chicken cooked with onion, capsicum, tomatoes and green chillies.£7.95
Lamb Jalfrezi (hot)
Marinated pieces of tandoori lamb cooked with onion, capsicum, tomatoes and green chillies.£7.95
Shahi chicken or Lamb Korma
Chicken pieces cooked in a yoghurt based sauce with very mild spices.£7.95
King Prawn Masala
Tandoori king prawns served with a butter based sauce of cream and tomatoes.£12.95
Muglai Biryani
Rice cooked with chicken, meat and prawns, served with a vegetable sauce.£11.95
Namak Gosht
An authentic Afghanistan lamb dish.£8.95
Dum Gosht
Marinated lamb gently steam cooked with fresh mint, ginger and coriander.£9.50
Murghi Kofta
Minced chicken meat balls cooked in a special onion and butter based sauce.£7.95
Nawaabi Murgh
A royal chicken dish with a fresh chilli, coriander and mint creamy sauce.£8.50
Jal Pari
Sauteed marinated salmon fish fillet served with a special sauce.£8.50
Pollock Steak
Pollock fish with a ginger and garlic creamy sauce served with peppery mashed potatoes.£11.95

Vegetable Dishes

Vegetable Specialities

Kashmiri Khatta Paneer
Indian cheese cooked in chef’s special tangy tomato based sauce.£6.95
Garlic Bengan Subji
Balti Mutter Paneer
Peas and cheese.£6.25
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Mixed Vegetable Jeera
Mixed Paneer Pasanda
Mixed Vegetable Khari

Vegetable Side Dishes

Chana Masala
Chick peas£3.50
Bhindi Bhaji
Mushroom Bhaji
Aloo Gobi
Potatoes and cauliflower£3.95
Sag Aloo
Spinach and potatoes£3.95
Bombay Potatoes
Tarka Dahl
Mixed Raitha
Yoghurt with onions and cucumber.£2.75
Khatta Brinjal
Aubergine with lemon and tamarind.£
Yoghurt£2.50Dahi Aloospicy potatoes cooked with a special yoghurt based sauce.£3.95

Biryani DishesBiryani is ideal for newcomers to Indian cuisine. It is rich, rice-based dish with bay leaves, saffron, coconut, tomatoes, caramelised onions and herbs. It is served with a vibrant sauce that will also appeal to Indian cuisine aficionados.

Vegetable Biryani
Chicken Biryani
Lamb Biryani

Prawn Biryani
Chicken Tikka Biryani
King Prawn Biryani

Traditional Curry Dishes

Vegetable Dishes
Chicken Dishes
Lamb Dishes
Prawn Dishes
King Prawn Dishes

Curry, Madras and Vindaloo Dishes A sauce of medium consistency, produced from a wide range of oriental spices giving a rich flavour.

Rogan Josh Dishes These unique dishes use tomatoes, pimientoes and onions fried to produce a dish of medium strength.Dhansak DishesA Persian origin piquant dish cooked with lentils, lemon juice and fresh spices.

Bhuna Dishes A combination of spices sauteed with capsicum, onions and tomatoes to provide a dish of medium strength. Rather “dry” consistency compared with curry.

Dupiazza Dishes A sauteed medium strength preparation of fresh onions, black pepper, coriander, connamon, bay leaves and cardamoms.

Korma Dishes A preparation of mild spices with fresh cream and butter creating a delicate creamy flavour. A suitable dish for newcomers to indian cuisine.

Nan, Paratha and Roti

Leavened bread cooked in the tandoor.£1.95
Keema Nan
Leavened bread stuffed with spiced minced meat.£3.50
Kulcha Nan
Leavened bread stuffed with mildly spiced onions.£2.95
Leavened bread stuffed with spiced paneer (indian cheese).£2.95
Peshwari Nan
Leavened bread stuffed with almonds.£3.50

Garlic Nan
Leavened bread cooked with fresh garlic.£2.95
A plain unleavened bread.£1.95
Stuffed Paratha
Unleaveded bread stuffed with mildly spiced vegetables.£2.95
Tandoori Roti (chapati)
Deep fried fluffy bread.£1.50


Plain Rice
Pilau Rice
Special Fried Rice
With eggs and peas.£3.25
Keema Pilau

Vegetable Pilau
Mushroom Rice
Lemon Rice
Garlic Rice

English Dishes

Chicken Salad
Prawn Salad
Fried Scampi
Served with chips.£7.95

American Fried Chicken
Served with chips.£7.95
A fried potato dish of French-Belgian origin, which was also served to the English Royal family in the 18th century. It became popular in the north of England and London in the 19th century. Charles Dickens wrote about chips in 1838. Joseph Malin of London was though to have ‘invented’ the popular fish and chips dish in 1860.£2.50